How to Draw Chibi Lucario

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Draw two circles, one should be large, and the other should be smaller then the first. The larger circle if for the head, and the other is for the body.


Using the larger round guide you drew in step one, begin drawing out the shape of the face structure and actual, head. This should include a small snout, and then draw out the large pointed ears.


Lucario has a mask that covers the eyes, forehead, and parts of the snout. Draw in the marking lines and then proceed with drawing in the large eye in the form of a tear drop. When that is done draw in the inner ear detailing and tiny circle for the    


You're almost done guys. To start this step draw out the arm and hand first, and be sure to add a spike on the top of the hand. You will then draw out the three almond shapes that are clustered together for the top part of the back like so.


For the last step, just draw out the back leg or thigh which is shaped like mushroom cap. Once that is done, draw out the three toed foot, and then draw in the puffy tail. You will then need to begin cleaning up your drawing by erasing the lines and    


Here is an adorable version of Lucario in chibi form. You can now start coloring in this Pokemon to perfection, and then go about your business as draw something new.

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July 12, 2011

Description: The fun begins now because I have another chibi Pokemon character that is going to be super easy to draw, and incredibly adorable to look at when you’re done. When it comes to making Pokemon into small baby sized figures, it becomes a whole lot easier to create your favorite species. That’s the case for this lesson on "how to draw chibi Lucario", step by step. Lucario is one of the better recognized Pokemon, but I don’t know if it’s more popular then Pikachu, or Charizard. This was an incredibly easy chibi to draw and I think one of the main reasons why it was is because I drew it in a laying down pose. Lucario kind of looks like a wolf or fox. The shape and design of the head and make-up of the body creates a creature that looks canine. When a member asked me if I could make a tutorial based on drawing chibi Lucario, I immediately thought it was a great idea. So thanks for requesting this character, and I would like to urge you guys to keep the ideas and requests coming. I’ll let you get busy with creating your very own Lucario in chibi form, but when you’re done be sure to stay tuned in to Dragoart for more drawing fun.

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