How to Draw Chibi Darkrai

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Begin by making a circle for the head, and then draw in another shape for the body like so.


The shape of Darkrai's head is in the form of the top of a soft serve ice cream cone. What you will do here is draw out the swirled shaped head, and then thicken the rest of the lining for the bottom portion of the face.


Draw in the what I believe to be an eye which is sort of hidden under the cloud for a head, and then draw out the design of his torso.


You are almost done. All you have to do here is draw out the collar form around the neck, and be sure the part that is closest to the face has a serrated edge. Draw in the arms and hands, and then proceed onto the next step.


For the last step all you need to do now is finish drawing out the body and then capo off the ends of the dress like bottom which leaves a wispy trail. Erase the shapes you drew in step one for clean up, and that's it.


You are now done with this lesson on drawing chibi Darkrai. Hope you liked it, now you can color it in. Meet me back here again for more drawing fun!

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July 17, 2011

Description: It is very simple making chibi figures because they are small in size, have big facial parts, and little to no detailing at all. Now because everyone has loved all the new chibi sized Pokémon that has been going up lately, I wanted to fill another request and go ahead and make a lesson on "how to draw chibi Darkrai", step by step. I really don’t know a way to explain how easy it is going to be for you guys to replicate this Pokémon species. Darkrai is one of the easiest Pokémon characters to draw in regular form, which means making a smaller version of Darkrai is going to be even easier. There is only five steps to completion when you start the tutorial, and then there is the line art which is also nice to have in a lesson in case you guys want to do some coloring instead of drawing. Today is about eighty six degrees where I’m located so I’m not going to get into details with this description. Besides, I already talked about Darkrai in the regular lesson I have which can be located in the Pokemon Characters section on the site so check that out as well. Have fun with learning "how to draw chibi Darkrai" guys, and maybe I’ll be back soon. Adios and enjoy!

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