How to Draw a Monster For Kids

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Draw two circles for the head and then for the body. Be sure that you connect them by drawing them on top of each other.


The monster I chose to draw has bulging eyes that are raised from the head. The shapes of the eyes are shaped like jelly beans. Draw in a few layers of curvy lining to form the concept of the two eyes. Next, and lastly you will draw the eyebrows whic   


All you need to do here is just thicken the shape you drew for the head in step one. Be sure to darken the shape too. Draw in dashed for the nose, and make a mouth line with a small pointed tooth.


You will now need to draw out the body including the arm, small fingers, and then the feet. You can also choose to make different arms for your monster if you wish.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the left arm and small hand, as well as the lining that creates the toes. Erase the guides you drew in step one and that's it.


Now that you are done, you can get the monster colored in. Chose any shade you like, and you can even add some spots, strips, or other shapes to the body's surface.

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July 13, 2011

Description: I can finally upload some lessons that I have been meaning to get done a few days ago. I have three tutorials that will go in the ‘For Kids’ section and even though they will be pretty easy to create, they are going to be fun to tackle. To start, let’s learn "how to draw a monster for kids", step by step. Monsters are great imaginary creatures that can look like whatever your heart desires. They can be drawn in so many different shapes, and sizes, and a monster can also be made up of a combination of things. For instance, you can take parts of a reptile, werewolf, blob, or what have you, and create something that is totally original. This monster that I made for you all today is very cute, and very easy to replicate. You can add your own personal touches if you like, or you can leave it the way you see it here. Anyways, have fun with drawing a monster for kids, and I will meet you guys back here in just a bit. Peace out people and enjoy the drawing day!

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