How to Draw Chibi Charizard


Begin with two shapes, a round shape for the head, and another circle for the body. Connect the two with a neck line and move along.


Begin drawing out chibi Charizard's head and as you can see it is being drawn from a side profile view. The head and snout should be draw in first, and then the mouth and jaw next.


Draw out Charizard's spike or horn on the back of his head, and then draw out the neck which should be a bit long.


here all you have to do is draw out the large triangular shaped eye like so, and then draw out the rounded shaped eyeball. You can add a dash for the nose hole, and then draw one tooth, and tongue.


All you have to do here is thicken the shape of the second circle you drew in step one and this is for the body shape.


You are only one step away from completing this tutorial. All you have to do now is draw out the small curled up hands which have three fingers. Then draw in the small claws. Sketch out the thighs, feet, and toes, and then move to the last drawing st   


Sketch out his wings, and then draw in the cartilage between each rib. Draw the trimming and then draw in his tail and the fiery flame at the tip. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one and that's it.


Here is what this adorable figure looks like in chibi form. I know you had fun, so now you can have even more fun as you color in this version of Charizard.

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July 8, 2011

Description: After reading a few comments on my chibi Lugia page, I decided that I should make a lesson on "how to draw chibi Charizard", step by step. If you guys enjoyed chibi Lugia, you are really going to fall in love with this tutorial. Charizard is one of my favorite original Pokemon characters and almost all of my brothers and sisters think he is the cutest one. The lesson that I made is going to be super easy and incredibly adorable to have as a drawing in your chibi sketch book. My little eight year old sister took some of her birthday money and bought her own drawing journal. So far she tried drawing chibi Lugia, and I have a feeling she is going to try this lesson out as well. I have a tutorial on the regular sized Charizard, and if you want to view it, just click on the Pokemon section under the Anime category, and you will find it there. I guess that just about does it for now, have fun drawing chibi Charizard, I know you will be pleased. Thanks guys, and remember to rate, comment and favorite.

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