How to Draw a Fire Skull

How to Draw a Fire Skull
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This lesson is going to be completed in four easy steps. Begin by making a circle for the head, and then add a face guide.


Here you will draw out the actual shape of the skulls structure. The lower part of the skull should have an elongated jaw. This is a design that is going to be very simple to replicate, but also very cool.


Just one more step and you're done. Draw in the triangular shaped large eyes, and then draw in the rounded topped nose. Color in all holes and then move to step four.


Lastly, draw out the great big ball of flame that surrounds the skull like so. This is why the tutorial is called a fire skull, because the fire ball is bigger then the skull. Erase the guide and shape that you drew in step one.


Here is a cool design of a skull that I think you guys will love. Great work everyone, I know you did an awesome job with drawing a fire skull.

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July 12, 2011

I still have some more chibi figures on the way but I wanted to break up the momentum and submit a tutorial based on a concept I haven’t done in a long while. For my third tutorial I will be teaching you "<strong>how to draw a fire skull</strong>", step by step. The skull is such a versatile piece that can be created to look like anything, and it can also be incorporated with all sorts of objects and elements. Skulls can be drawn with roses wrapped around them, daggers pierced into the tops of their heads, snakes slithering out of the eyes, and they can even be drawn surrounded by fire. The concept I chose to draw is as simple as it gets. A skull engulfed in a ball of fire is one of the more popular concepts. These types of skull designs make great tattoo concepts and even decals look awesome when skulls and fire are intertwined together. I know how much everyone likes drawing a new skull, so in order to keep things in an easy perspective; I wanted to make sure that this lesson would be simple enough for even a novice artist to complete. So I hope you have fun teaching yourself "<em>how to draw a fire skull</em>", because I know you will love the end results. Well I’ve got to get out of here for a few because there is much more for me to do. Ta ta for now, but not forever.

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