How to Draw a Skull For Kids

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The first thing to do is draw out a circle for the base of the skull. Next, draw in the facial guidelines which will aid you to drawing out the eyes and such.


Okay, start at the top and thicken the top line for the skull. Stop and draw out the brow bones as well as the cheek bones like you see here. The most prominent part on a skull is the eyes, and cheeks.


Before drawing out the actual eye socket holes, you will need to draw out the lining that will dictate the thickness of the brow bone. The lining should slope downward, and connect in the middle. Add some minor detailing between the forehead like so,   


Last thing to do is draw out the upper jaw along with the teeth. Take your time with this step so everything comes out looking neat. Erase the visible guides and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.


When everything is all said and done, you should have a nice drawing of a skull like you see here. You can now add a background, and even color in the skull too.

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July 14, 2011

Description: I hope you guys are up for another skull tutorial, and even if you’re not I’m submitting it anyway. This lesson is going to be pretty basic. There is not gonna be any type of hard work involved because I was careful enough to make it as simple as possible. Drawing skulls has become such an easy task for me that I can literally finish a concept of a skull in about three to five minutes. This lesson is going to be on "how to draw a skull for kids", step by step. The reason why I made this sketch cool enough to be a tattoo is because I wanted novice artists to have a chance to draw something that is awesome looking, and good enough to draw on a book cover. If you think about it, school is almost already to start up again, so leaning something as cool as drawing this skull is going to be pretty sweet if you decide to make one on your folders or book covers. There is a total of five steps, and even though I added a simple tribal design in the background, I did not include the markings in the lesson. You can draw in your own design to personalize the drawing for your standards. Well I guess that’s about it, it’s time to bust out and start drawing a skull for kids. Peace out peeps!

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