How to Draw Chibi Shiki Misaki


Draw her cap. Draw it from the top to the left, then to the bottom and then to the right. You can see two parts of the cap there. The right part and the left part. First draw the right part, then it's easier to draw the left part!


Now start to draw her hair. It's really easy because if you draw it different from this picture, it seems good, too! So, draw the hair and it will look great!


The second step to draw the hair. Start at the cap and move the pencil down to the hair that you drew in step two.


Draw the head. It seems like a big goldfish glass, but that's right, Shiki Misaki has got a big head. Draw only a circle between the hair. Then draw the mouth with a curved line.


Draw her neck. It's really thin. Then draw the collar over the shoulders. The lines are wavy, not straight! Then draw the chain with the cross at the end of it. The chain isa curved line and the cross is symmetrical.


Then draw the shirt and her left arm. The arm seems like a small sausage ;D


Now draw the right arm, it seems like the first (left) arm, only narrow. Try it until it's perfect, that's one of the important parts, that make Shiki Misaki to Shiki Misaki!


Draw her pants and her belly, her belly is a little bit square and her pants are really short.


So, here is her stuffed cat! It hasn't got eyes, a nose or a mouth right now, it's only a circle with two triangles, but the details we will draw in step eleven.


Draw her legs and her boots. The legs seem like her arms, only a little (!) bit thinner!


The details! I add the stripes on the cap and the pockets at the pants, the pant you can see in step twelve, there they're zoomed.


Here are the zoomed pants.


Now the most important part of our chibi Shiki Misaki: The eyes! They're oval and here you can see them. I can't explain how to draw them, but you can copy them from this picture ;D

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August 22, 2011

Description: Here I will show you how to draw a Shiki Misaki Chibi. Have fun :D

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