How to draw chibi anime eyes

Artist: punkyskunky / March 1, 2013

Step 1.

Simply draw two curved lines ^^

Step 2.

Start sketching the shape of the eye by joining the lines, as shown above

Step 3.

Start to thicken the eyelids a bit, the top and bottom. Then draw the eyelashes!

Step 4.

Draw the black inside the eye.

Step 5.

Colour the top of the eye in a dark colour, eg. Purple, dark blue, dark green, etc

Step 6.

Add a lighter shade of that colour you coloured the top of the eye with. Colour the rest of the eye with that colour

Step 7.

Yay, blending! Blend the two colours ^_^ or if you're drawing it in pencil, you can smudge the colours

Step 8.

Now add two white dots on the eye, one slightly bigger than the other. If your drawing in pencil, you might want to make these dots using whiteout, that's how I sometimes do mine!

Step 9.

This is an extra step. If you want, add some shades! ^_^ there you have it, your beautiful eye. :D

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Artist: punkyskunky
Date Added: March 1, 2013
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Tags: draw eyes, how to draw eyes, how to draw anime eyes
Description: This is a simple tutorial on how I would prefer to draw my chibi/anime eyes! Enjoy!