How to Draw Anime Eyes

Artist: NeekoNoir / December 29, 2016

Step 1.

Firstly here some types from the eyes, so you can choose what kind of style and sizes what you like the most :)

Step 2.

If you choosed your eyes type, here some example and tip, how can you draw the eyes in different perspective lines.

Step 3.

Here a newest help for your eyes drawing, you can see the anime eyes in locomotion too :)

Step 4.

Now here the next help part for the differet pupils shapes for the eyes, so you can show your character with more perfectly with that kind of pupils.

Step 5.

After the pupils here some interesting type about iris for your character, so you can give more interesting part and details for her/him.

Step 6.

After you know every little help and tips for the anime eyes drawing, we need to start the drawing part. So let's draw the base shape for the eyes!

Step 7.

Now draw the upper part of the eyelashes.

Step 8.

After the upper part, now you can draw the lower part of the eyeslashes for your character. (It's mainly important for the girl characters)

Step 9.

Draw some little details and lines for the upper part of the eyes, that it looks like more detailed.

Step 10.

Now draw some little lines for the lower part too under the eyes (it isn't need to be here, it's depend from the character too, and from your style too)

Step 11.

After the main form of the eyes, you can draw now the eyebrows too!

Step 12.

Now draw the main form of the pupils. As you can see, it's a really big part of the anime eyes :)

Step 13.

After the pupil part, you can draw now the main form of the iris too.

Step 14.

That your eyes have more life, you need to give for them more light too as a last step in your anime eyes drawing. In the anime style, you can give a lot of light part that your eyes can be really pretty (of course, if your character is a girl ;))

Step 15.

Congratulation, you finished your picture about your anime eyes picture! I hope, you enjoyed the drawing as me! :) Now you can go and color your picture!

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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw anime eyes. You can find a lot of tips about the anime eyes drawing with a lot of interesting things, and information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!