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How to draw the Deathly Hallows symbol

Artist: punkyskunky / January 16, 2013
How to draw the Deathly Hallows symbol

Step 1.

Okay, the first step is to draw these perpendicular lines, like an upside down T.

Step 2.

Now connect them, forming a triangle with a line going down the middle. BTW, the tutorial is nearly over :(

Step 3.

Last of all, draw a circle in the middle as shown. There is your Deathly Hallows symbol!

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megtrick · 5 years ago
:innocent: :jawdrop: :inlove:
Artist: punkyskunky
Date Added: January 16, 2013
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Description: This is that symbol from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! This is my first ever tutorial so feel free to tell me what I should improve on, etc. (apart from the fact it has only 3 steps) I wanted to make a simple tut