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How to Draw a Simplistic Eye

Artist: not_mum / March 1, 2013
How to Draw a Simplistic Eye

Step 1.

Start with a curved line a the top of where you want your eye to be.

Step 2.

now do one at the bottom!

Step 3.

its all about cuuuurvy lines... add more!

Step 4.

Add a small circle for the light reflection.

Step 5.

Add a pupil. Make it so the light reflection slightly overlaps the outline of the pupil.

Step 6.

connect the bottom line to the corners of the eye.

Step 7.

Now attach the eyelashes. See where the mass of eyelashes is? Follow my lead.

Step 8.

Now you can start adding color to the iris. I'm using a mix of green and blue,

Step 9.

It looks like this.

Step 10.

Now you can add an eyebrow.

Step 11.

Choose 3-4 colors, each desending a shade.

Step 12.

Use a PENCIL and start a pointy design. Do anything based off of this design.

Step 13.

Now you can trace it over in pen. Start where the finger is and go all the way to the end of your design.

Step 14.

Color in the 1st section with your lightest color.

Step 15.

Now use your darker colors to color in the top part.

Step 16.

Now color the bottom lid with either one of those colors you just used.

Step 17.

Color in the eyebrow with black.

Step 18.

And youre done!

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Artist: not_mum
Date Added: March 1, 2013
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Description: Its an eye.