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How to Draw Tribal Dolphins, Tribal Dolphin

Artist: Dawn / September 15, 2011
How to Draw Tribal Dolphins, Tribal Dolphin

Step 1.

Start off by making two lines that are slightly arched or bent. This will act as the first guide for your tribal dolphin design.

Step 2.

Now you can choose to create your own tribal pattern, or you can choose to follow this one. If you want to go with this design, start at the nose of the dolphin, and then begin slowly drawing out the tribal pattern that will form the arch of the dolp   

Step 3.

Now you will continue to slowly draw out the bottom half of the dolphin in tribal form by drawing the under belly and fins like you see here. Take your time, do not rush. Once the patterns are drawn, you can color them in at the same time.

Step 4.

Add more tribal markings to the dolphin until the whole body is complete. The dorsal fin and arched back should be predominant solid.

Step 5.

To finish off the dolphin design just draw out the tail fin and then move along to step six where you will start tackling the other tribal dolphin.

Step 6.

Start drawing the second tribal dolphin the same way you did the first one. Take your time and do things slow so your tribal dolphin comes out great.

Step 7.

Draw in the bottom half of the dolphins belly and then draw in fins. Round out the nose tip, and then move to step eight.

Step 8.

Draw in the back of the tribal dolphin's design like so, and then make sure that all is solid and colored in.

Step 9.

Draw the top of the dolphin's back like so, and continue the pattern in an even and aligned manner like you did previously.

Step 10.

You are ready to finish things off by drawing the rest of the body as well as the dorsal fin. Draw in the tail the same way you did in step nine. Erase the mistakes and tweak the drawing like so.

Step 11.

Here is the finished drawing when you are done. If you want you can leave the drawing black inked, or colored in a different way. Great job folks and thanks for joining me.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 15, 2011
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Tags: how to draw dolphins, how to draw tribal animals
Description: This is a tribal design that I worked on before but I never went anywhere with it. The original sketch was from last year and it looked a whole lot different from the one you see now. Dolphins are a loved sea species that holds a lot of charm, beauty, mystery, and grace. They are said to be one of guardians of the ocean and have the ability to fight off sharks. Here you will find that drawing a tribal design in the form of dolphins is going to be as beautiful as midnight sky with a full moon as part of the canvas. Today, I will teach you "how to draw tribal dolphins", step by step. The concept for the two tribal dolphins that you see before you was created based on love, harmony, and togetherness. As you see the dolphins are circling each other in a yin yang type of style. Now because the body of one of these animals isn’t too bendable, I couldn’t actually draw them in a perfect circle. Instead, they are joined in a mutual manner and represent the harmony of true love. If you are a big dolphin and tribal animal lover, you will absolutely enjoy learning how to draw tribal dolphins too. Just take your time as you tackle this lesson because as you know drawing tribal art can be difficult. Have fun and I will meet you back here in a jiff with some more drawings that you will enjoy!