How to Draw Skarmory, Skarmory in Flight, Pokemon

Artist: mstormw / September 30, 2013

Step 1.

Guidelines! It's always a good idea to draw them, just so you have an idea of proportions 'n' stuff. Here the guidelines form the basis of all the main parts, head, body, wings, and feet. Make sure you've got these perfect before attempting the next    

Step 2.

We're going to go reaaaally slow on this one, because this Pokemon has lots of weirdly shaped parts that can't be explained just by going 'draw a circle here'. So this step is all about the top of the head. It looks a bit like a shark half-out the wa   

Step 3.

This is the lower jaw, and the rest of the neck. Take it line by line, and try to notice how the bottom left corner almost comes down as far as the top part of the beak, whereas the bottom right corner is barely past the end of the neck. Basically, i   

Step 4.

Add in the final details to the head. This includes the eye, mouth shape, and teeth. There are three teeth of either side of the mouth.

Step 5.

Next, we're going to draw the collar around Skarmory's neck. A lot of the references I looked at had it a lot flatter, but I jazzed it up a bit because I thought it looked cooler. But of course, feel free to keep it more like the original.

Step 6.

Wings next, yay! Start at the top, where there are no feathers to overlap. These 'feathers' are obviously made of metal, so they have a sharper shape to them than typical feathers. It's a hard one to explain, but you'll know it when it's right. Oh, a   

Step 7.

Now that you've practised those feathers, do some more! there are four on each wing, the bottom three are red and the top one is metal. If you're finding getting the shape with the overlapping right, just draw the entire feather, then rub out the bit   

Step 8.

Okay, no panicking, this is the easy bit. This is like the comic relief after a jump-scare, srsly. It's simply the body shape. It's an oval. With a slightly-more-than-a-semicircle in it. Boom.

Step 9.

The tail's up next, as is another weird analogy. It looks like a spanner (bit like you really) and if you can't do it, just start with a circle, then another smaller circle inside touching the bottom edge of the first circle, then rub out crossovers.   

Step 10.

Okay this looks a lot harder than it is. First, draw the claws; oh look one in each corner, that's handy! then draw the connecting lines. Simples. Remember, the bottom claw is foreshortened, so it just looks like a pointy circle. Or a roundy triangle   

Step 11.

Deep breathing! last step! Again, start with claws. I know, it's not one in each corner this time, but don't panic, because two are in corners, and one is in the middle of the top line, so it's not too bad. Also, instead of a claw, we have a knuckle    

Step 12.

Well I hope that wasn't too stressful! I certainly had fun, I hope you guys did too! Please comment and stuffs, I can't guarantee I'll be able to do tuts regularly again, but I will certainly do one whenever I can! Love you all, Stormy x

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Description: Okay so this is a request from Charmanderswagg, and I had some free time so I figured why not? I noticed there was already a tut on this Pokemon, however it was static, so decided to do a tut on Skarmory doing a flying attack, which made the whole process a lot more interesting. Okay soo.... idk, enjoy? please leave me comments :3