How to Draw Bug Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / August 26, 2015

Step 1.

Start with a round shape for the ladybug's body.

Step 2.

Next, draw a border line on the inside of the body, then draw the various spots in different sizes and shapes.

Step 3.

We will now draw in the ladybug's head and antenna, then proceed to step four.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw the butterfly style wings and for me I chose to do a solid concept style, but you can draw butterfly wings that are beautiful and flowing.

Step 5.

Once the mistakes and guides are gone, you should end up with a drawing like the one you see here. Color the art and show off the work you have done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 26, 2015
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Tags: how to draw butterflies, how to draw ladybugs, how to draw bugs, butterfly drawings, butterfly drawing easy, butterfly sketch
Description: Every once in a while I will create a concept that can be turned into a universal drawing. Today, my idea is bringing us a tut that will show us how to draw a bug tattoo, step by step. I called it a 'bug' because that is exactly what the image or drawing is. This tattoo drawing is a combination of two insects; a butterfly and a ladybug. Since both are insects or "bugs", what better title than 'bug tattoo'. This is an easy lesson to tackle so go ahead and give it a go.