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How to Draw a Fox Spirit

Artist: Dawn / August 26, 2015
How to Draw a Fox Spirit

Step 1.

Sketch in the snout and then draw in some of the mouth.

Step 2.

Sketch out the bottom jaw, and then sketch in the fox ear and then sketch in the chest hair or neck for your fox.

Step 3.

Draw in the fox's nose and then sketch in the whisker holes followed by the whiskers. Draw the eyeball and then the long eyelashes.

Step 4.

Draw the fox's other ear and then draw the top part of the neck. Sketch in the fur on the chest and you are ready to erase your mistakes.

Step 5.

Here is the line art once you are done. Color in the fox spirit and that's all there is to it.

Comments (10)
JaysWing98 · 6 years ago
You should do a deer spirit or maybe an elk.
Foxart3614 · 6 years ago
X3 X3 X3 X3 X3
shaniabear · 6 years ago
ArtofAnime · 6 years ago
:speechless: :blank:
iloveGMM · 6 years ago
Dawn,Please do some anime minecraft :watermelon: :watermelon: :inlove: =D :hai:
shaniabear · 6 years ago

Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 26, 2015
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Tags: how to draw foxes, how to draw spirits
Description: Okay guys, moving forward with the lessons that are based on animal spirits. We will be tackling the task of drawing a fox spirit almost in the same way we did the Wolf and Tiger. The only difference with this fox spirit is the mouth isn't howling, growling or yelping. Instead this fox has a peaceful tone making him calm and at ease with his surroundings. Animals spirits all represent something in the spiritual world and the fox represents the ability to find yourself no matter where you might be, it stands for wisdom, the ability to be cunning, and so much more. Drawing the fox spirit is going to be easy and fun so go ahead and enjoy.