A Butterfly Skeleton Tutorial


Make two shapes for the body and head and then draw the guidelines for the antenna and wings.


We will now define the shape of the butterfly's skull and upper jaw like so.


Once the skull and face shape is drawn in, you can sketch in the hollows for the eyes, the nasal cavity hole and then the bones for the antenna.


As you can see here we will start the drawing process for the spine and rib cage. Add detailing to the bones and ribs and then you are ready for step five.


You will now color in the space inside the rib cage like you see here, then draw in the rest of the butterfly's skeletal body which sort of looks like a chicken spine bone.


Begin sketching out the skin based wings like so. Notice that the edges are torn and tattered because this is a skeletal butterfly.


Add all the detailing and definition to the wings to make them look like thin skin and then draw the bone for the wing arms as well as finish the left wing formation.


Let's finish off this butterfly by coloring in the eye hollows and then color in the nasal hollow as well. Erase all the mistakes and guidelines/shapes you made throughout the lesson.


Here you have the finished concept of a butterfly skeleton. I hope you all enjoyed this tut, and I also hope you upload your finished works of art.

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August 17, 2015

Description: Have any of you ever wondered what a butterfly would look like if it where a skeleton? Well, I wondered what it would look like and that is why I chose to make this concept on a butterfly skeleton turned into a drawing tutorial. Now you will see that the butterfly doesn't have an insect style head. Instead the head or skull is human like as well as the ribs. The whole idea was to make a concept of a butterfly that had skeletal remains instead of just some whispy leftover dust. We all know that insects don't have bones, but if the butterfly did this is what it would look like or at least to me. So go ahead and enjoy this weird concept on drawing a butterfly skeleton. Don't forget, I have more tuts coming your way.

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