How to Draw Big Sister, Bioshock 2, Big Sister


Let's begin with some guide lines. We'll be drawing Big Sister in a squatting pose, so we'll have some overlapping limbs. Start with a circle for the head, and another for the face plate. Draw a long, skinny shape for the body. Then attach the arms a   


We'll begin the main drawing with the outline of the diving helmet. The notches in the outline mark the places we'll be drawing panel lines.


Start this step by drawing three concentric circles for the face plate. Connect the center two circles with short lines on the North, South, East and West sides to form a grille of sorts. Then draw the three main panel lines.


Now we'll draw the remaining details of the helmet. Start with the two panel lines coming from the notches we drew earlier, on each side of the plug shape. Then add parallel lines to detail that section. The rest of the helmet is covered in smaller p   


Here we'll begin building the shoulder pads. These are metal, and are made up of multiple armor plates. Each plate it covered in bolts and has a raised edge. Her right shoulder pad is more egg-shaped, whereas the other pad is made of jagged panels.


Finish up the shoulder pads and draw in the upper arms. These should be extremely skinny, even with the baggy fabric and leather straps.


Big Sister's forearms are heavily armored. The front gauntlet has two large leather straps with buckles. The upper arm has two small circles for pressure gauges.


Fill in the details of the gauntlets. There are small straps on either side of the pressure gauges on the upper arm. The lower arm has a strange little pincer attachment near the wrist.


Now we'll draw the hands and needle weapons on each forearm. The lower hand is touching the ground, with the fingers spread apart. The upper hand is more relaxed. I decided to beef up the outline of everything drawn so far. From here on, I'll be usin   


Draw the chest armor. This is actually based on an old-style diving suit, so this metal section is where the helmet would attach for an air-tight fit. There are some strings and a hanging buckle around the waist.


Fill in the leather straps that wrap around the torso. The zipper can be seen running vertically beneath the horizontal straps. We can also outline the hip socket now.


We'll begin the legs by drawing the metal braces that attach to each side of the knees and run up each side of the thighs.


Draw the leather straps wrapped around the thighs, and continue the leg braces down the sides of the calves.


Outline the lower legs with a bumpy texture (we'll be drawing more straps next), and draw in the metal-tipped boots.


Draw the straps and buckles on the lower legs, and add buckles to the thighs. We'll keep these simple. Just draw a square for each buckle, with a smaller square on one inside edge for the metal... swing arm? Shoot, what do you call that thing? If you   


Now we'll add the large oxygen tank that rests on her back. I took the liberty of rounding off the top of the tank.


Now we'll draw the basket, designed for Little Sister to ride in.


Next draw the valve handle on top of the tank. You'll have to erase some of the lines of the tank that are being overlapped.


Draw a ribbon bow at each section of the basket where the bars meet. These are big and fluffy, put there by Little Sister.


Draw some straps to hold the tank onto Big Sister's back, and add some final details to the tank itself.


If you have the time, patience and energy, you can go ahead and add more levels of detail to the figure. Wrinkles, dust, scratches, and tarnish on the metal areas. Those dull, blotchy reflections on the metal help to give the shapes some dimension.


The final inks. Pretty cool, right? Yeesh, that was a lot of work.


...and here are the final colors. This was quite the undertaking, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. This is definitely one of the cooler-looking video game characters I've seen in recent years. Be sure to post your artwork when you're finished, and tha   

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November 11, 2011

Description: Hey, guys. I'm back with another video game character tutorial. This time we're going to draw Big Sister from Bioshock 2. Pretty crazy design on this one. I hope you all enjoy.

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