How to Draw Brooker, Brooker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite


Let's begin shall we? Start by making the head shape followed by the very wide or broad shoulders and or torso shape. Sketch in the guidelines for the face and body like so.


Here you will begin sketching out the face structure, as well as the rough hairline.


Next we will work on his face. Draw in the thick eyebrows and make sure that you make them on a slopped angle to give him a series expression on his face. When the eyebrows are drawn, color them in solid. You will then draw out the eyes, followed by    


Sketch out the style of his hair which is aloof looking and combed to one side. As you can see Brooker's hair isn't neat and pretty. Instead it's rough and rugged. Add detailing to create texture to the hairstyle, then draw in the shapes or outlines    


Sketch out the neck first in this step, then proceed on to drawing the clothing starting with the collar, and jacket opening. The lining for his jacket should be simple to recreate. Don't forget to add some detailing to his neck, and be sure to draw    


Draw the flap to his coat which is the zigzag pattern on the right side of the image. Sketch out the shoulder and arm as well as the crinkle in the sleeve.


It's hard to believe but, you will finish off your BioShock character in this step. You will need to draw out the left shoulder and jacket flap like so. Add some nice seam work along the edges of the flap, then sketch in the shoulder, and jacket slee   


Here is Brooker when you are done. Now you can color him in to finish this BioShock character off.

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April 2, 2013

Description: So I have two main characters coming your way from the new BioShock game 'BioShock Infinite'. This is the third installment to the game series and to be honest with you, it looks like a lot of fun. The lesson that I will be submitting is on "how to draw Brooker", step by step. His full name is Booker DeWitt and he is what you call a changed man. What changed him was the things that he saw during the Battle of Wounded Knee. The events that he saw made Brooker turn to drinking and gambling leaving him useless for a while. In the game he is what you call a private investigator, and he is forever taunted by disturbing visions of New York being under attack. He is a cool character, and I have seen the preview for this game several times. I can't help but to think what it's like to play BioShock Infinite. I think you will enjoy this lesson on drawing Brooker DeWitt especially if you're a BioShock game fan. Enjoy people and peace out!

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