How to Draw Elizabeth, Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite

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The first thing we need to do for Elizabeth is draw out the head and torso guide shapes like so. Attach the head to the body using a neck line, then you will sketch in the facial guidelines.


Carefully draw out the face structure for Elizabeth's face like so, then sketch in some bangs that are short and will eventually frame her face.


Next, draw the shapes of her big wide open expressive eyes, followed by the thing shaped eyebrows. You will sketch out the shape or lining for her nose, then draw in her pouting lips or mouth. She should end up having a surprised look on her face.


Elizabeth has short bushy hair. You will continue to sketch out her hairstyle until you have formed a jagged look. The ends of her hair are parted, but the right side of the hair that falls against her face is feathered to the right. Elizabeth's hair   


Her body will be drawn from the side view which means only one arm will be sketched out. Start with the jacket collar like so, then sketch out the arm shape as well as the wrinkling or creases flowing down her sleeve. Draw the rest of the torso that    


Here you will sketch out her bosom or chest, then add some detailing to her coat which is the creases and seam lines. Her shirt has a cute ruffled chest line at the top edge of the shirt. Erase the mistakes that you made throughout the lesson, then y   


Here is Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite. Color her in to finish this character off. I hope you enjoyed this lesson folks.

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April 2, 2013

Description: Remember when I said I had two lesson on characters from the new BioShock Infinite game? Well here is the second figure. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Elizabeth", step by step. Now unlike Brooker she doesn't have a last name. She is a young woman that Brooker eventually meets up, and travels with. Elizabeth has been held captive for most of her life in Columbia but even though she was captive, she still had access to books which makes her a valuable figure in the game. She is smart when it comes to medicine, physics, and geography. One mysterious fact about Elizabeth is how she wears a thimble on one of her fingers in place of the missing fingertip she lost. This is mysterious because she doesn't know how she lost her fingertip but I have a feeling that you will find out the whole story in the game. In the game she also has the ability to interact with dimensional tears throughout Columbia's region. Her whole life while being held captive was watched over by a mechanical robot bird called 'Songbird'. Songbird acted as a Warden and friend throughout her life. She seems like a character that has a lot of exposing to do so I am eager to find out her story. This lesson on drawing Elizabeth from BioShock should be easy to follow. I will be back in a bit with other stuff for you to draw today so stay tuned in.

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