How to Draw a Berbil, Thundercats, Berbils

Artist: KingTutorial / November 8, 2011

Step 1.

OH MY GOODNESS, it's a Berbil! The funny thing about these guide lines is that any more detail and the whole thing would be drawn ;) Circle for the head. Ovals for the hands/forearms. Almond shape for the body. Rectangles for the feet. We've got him    

Step 2.

BERBIL FACE. Wow, it kind of looks like Pikachu. I didn't notice that before. I'm using some really scraggly lines, but you can keep it simple and clean if you desire.

Step 3.

Next draw the furry bear ears, and add some details to the face. I doubled up some of the panel lines to give the character more detail.

Step 4.

Draw a circle for the inner ear, and add three lines. The lines in each ear point inward, toward the face. I went ahead and added some slight reflection to the edges of the head.

Step 5.

BERBIL CLAWS. *ahem* I made these especially gnarly, thinking of some of the crazier Japanese robots from old anime series like Dangaioh. I used really thick lines to show that the fingers are closer to us than the head.

Step 6.

Draw a loose box shape for the next section of each finger. Then outline the entire hand/forelimb with a fur texture.

Step 7.

Draw curves on each inner finger digit to indicate a mechanical joint. Then draw the pads on the palm of the hands. I couldn't find a good shot of the palms from the cartoon, so I kind of made it up ;)

Step 8.

The upper arms are kind of light light-bulbs, or chicken drumsticks. The shoulder is round, and the arm is skinny. Outline the shoulder with fur, and keep the skinny part smooth. Go ahead and outline the torso shape.

Step 9.

Draw in the details of the torso and arms. We basically just have two panels for chest muscles, an oval in the center of the torso, and rings on the arms, separating the furry and metallic parts. All the other dust and scratches here are optional.

Step 10.

RO-BEAR LEGS. The light-bulb theme returns, as the thighs are wide and round, and grow skinnier toward the bottom of the leg. Each thigh has a disk on the side.

Step 11.

The ankles are similar to the joints we added to the fingers earlier. From there, the feet are basically just metallic blocks with cute little claws on the toes.

Step 12.

I'm giving the drawing one last look-over, adding some details here and there, continuing to make the poor guy look beat-up and dirty.

Step 13.

BERBIL INKS. That's just about does it for the Ro-Bear Berbil. In the old series, they all had the exact same body type. In the new series, some are short and wide and some are tall and skinny... but they all follow the same basic pattern as shown he   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: BERBILS!!! I love Ro-Bear Berbils. When I was a kid, I watched the original Thundercats series and was kind of indifferent toward the little creatures. As I got older, though, I learned to appreciate the ridiculous nature of these critters. New episodes of the modern Thundercats cartoon just started airing, and the Berbils made a return, with a slight anime redesign. Overall, I'm pleased with the new designs, so I really wanted to draw up a tutorial for them. I used a pretty crazy style, but all the details are there. Let's get drawing!