How to Draw Anime Love, Anime Love


First start off with the basic guidelines for your drawing. It's best to trace over a circular object to get nicely defined circular shapes. Also, draw these with a permanent marker, and take another piece of paper to overlay it so you have no guides   


Next, we will work on focusing the center of the drawing, which is the passion and emotion of the female face (the fallen one). Keeping distance with your guidelines, make sure that the lips and chin are aligned vertically. You do not want to make th   


We will move onto drawing the eye which is slightly closed to express sadness and utter depression this character is feeling. Wait till we draw the tears and smoke! Make sure you get the mouth drawn slightly open - refraining from drawing it way too    


Ok, this can be a tricky part, mainly because it includes so many strands of hair that it can get confusing to where the transparencies are. Make sure you draw each strand jagged edged and tapered. Refrain from drawing it thick and work fast!


Next, we will work slowly on her hand resting upon the angel man's shoulder. Notice how I keep these figures unclothed, to capture the essence of passion, beauty, and purity. Keep the fingers gracefully placed amongst each other, giving her a hopeles   


Now, using our circular guideline, we will work on the hair fluffs, keeping in mind the same rule we used on the female's hair.


Lightly add his facials and half closed eyes. I drew this purposely to make your mind imagine if he is content or sad. If you wish to make him saddened than he already looks, arch the brows upwards.


Let's work on finishing the bodies, by adding entwining arms for each of the characters, having the female grabbing hold of the male tightly, but losing control (from the presence of her fingers). Keep the bodies even and the arms in equal lengths; y   


Now, this is my favorite part, mainly because I love drawing wings in diverse angles and views. Make sure you draw the first overlay of the wing first, and work on the arch afterwards. You can then sketch in all the smaller details that make the wing   


In the end you have a beautiful sketch that can make anyone cry if you stare at it long enough. I do hope you guys enjoyed one of my all time favorite lessons that I have ever made. Color in this couple, and now you have yourself a finished drawing o   


In case you guys wanted to see, this is the full sized finished, and colored image. I love it to no end, and I know that this will definitely be a favorite to so many of you.

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August 23, 2011

Description: Yesterday was great because I had a blast as you all joined me for Livestream and I think you guys will agree that it was sheer fun. Today I will be starting the day by uploading one of my all-time favorite drawings, and show you "how to draw Anime love", step by step. The concept for the characters in this lesson came completely out of thin air. I began creating two figures that where part of a story that hadn't been written yet. As I drew, ideas just kept pouring out of my head and onto the canvas. The result from letting my imagination run wild was two figures that are caught in a dilemma which brings heartache and pain to their hearts. What you see before you is two angels, one fallen and the other not. The male angel is still part of God’s kingdom while the female is a fallen angel. Before anything happened, these two angels shared a love that was the deepest that any love can be. Once he found out that she will no longer be with him, he came down to earth to say good-bye and to embrace each other one last time. The love they share will always remain, but since she is no longer part of Heaven, these two angels can no longer be together. The pain and sorrow that is expressed on her face should convey how much she loves him. I could go on and on about these two but I’m so excited to be submitting this lesson up at the site. The drawing, coloring, and tutorial layout took me well over three hours. I thought that I was just going to keep going, but I knew I was finished when I took a step back and realized what I had just created. I created a love story right before my eyes, and now you guys can have fun learning "how to draw anime love" too. Of course you don’t have to make your characters angels, but I have a feeling that’s what they will end up as. Have fun one and all and be sure to rate, comment, and fav. Peace and enjoy!

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