How to Draw an Angel Boy, Angel Man


You will be drawing this angel from the side like you did with the devil boy. Start with a circle for the head and then draw in the body guide as well as the wing.


For step two you will be sketching out the long, shaggy hairstyle like you see here. When you are drawing in the hair, be sure the bangs are covering the eyes.


Sketch out the side profile of the angel's face like so, and then draw in the mouth, and add some detailing to the hairstyle.


You can safely say that the head and face of the angel is done. Now what you have to here is sketch out the neck, and then begin sketching out the torso, chest, back, and waist.


Sketch in his arm starting with the shoulder, and then be sure to sketch in the muscle detailing for a tones arm effect.


You will now draw in the opposite arm which is raised up towards the mouth. His hand is folded in, and the finger is making a silent gesture.


Draw in the belt and then continue to draw out the lower half of the body which is the but and some of the thigh. Add notch holes on the belt and then proceed on.


As you can see you will now be sketching out the wings. Unlike the devil boy, you will be drawing actual feather style wings instead of the skin based type of wing.


Continue to sketch in the feathers for the wing and as you can see they are a bit longer than the first ones you drew in step eight.


The wings are going to get finished off here. Draw in the other other wing on the other side like so, and then sketch in the tips of the rest of the feathers. Clean up your drawing and you are ready to clean up the drawing.


Here is the line work when you are all done. Now you can choose the colors you want to color him in as.

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November 12, 2011

Description: Hi guys, how about another lesson for all you angel and demon fans. I’ve already done the female versions of an angel and demon, now it’s time to finish off with an angel man who shares similar characteristics to the devil boy; same rockstar leather pants, studded belt , and incredibly toned down body. Make sure you start off with the guidelines and draw them lightly so you’ll have a better chance drawing the body accurately. In this tutorial, the head and body form totally depend on how well you draw it because of the appearance to retain his angelic-ness. I totally recommend getting copic markers and micron inking pens to get your drawing to resemble this as much as possible (if desired). Anways, I hope ya’ll enjoyed this lesson, please leave feedback on how you did and if this was fun to do. Thanks so much for viewing and you can suggestion the next drawing series in the future!

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