How to Draw Tattoo Angels, Angel Tattoos

Artist: Dawn / September 2, 2011

Step 1.

Alright lets get this tattoo design uploaded so we can move onto something else after you have completed this task. Start with a circle for the head and then draw in the face guide. Next, add the lining for the neck, shoulders and torso like so.

Step 2.

For step two you will start sketching out the actual structure of the angel's face which is in a downward pose for added expression of sadness. Draw in some of the hair line as well as the crown of thorns she is wearing.

Step 3.

Using the guide you drew in step one, begin sketching out her face. Start with the shapes of her eyes, and then draw in the eyebrows, and lashes. Next, sketch out her nose, mouth or lips, and then draw the tears and some of the worn marks on the cro   

Step 4.

We are going to move right into sketching out her long beautiful hair. Please take your time with this step because this angel's hair is such a pretty part of her look that if you drew it in wrong, the sketch wouldn't be the same. Start with layers a   

Step 5.

The next step you need to tackle is the body. Start at the shoulders and then work your way down into a V form. Her arms are crossed over each other resting between her thighs. Sketch out the hint of her breasts, and then sketch in the collar bone li   

Step 6.

Since you are now on step six, you are well on your way to drawing completion. The wing that you will tackle now is folded in and almost cupping her body. Start behind her head, and then slowly sketch out her wing. If you look closely, the wing is sh   

Step 7.

With a quick swoosh, draw out the beginning line for her right wing. Once that is done you can sketch out each long feather that will eventually make up the entire shape of her wing. Don't forget to add the notches in each feather and also make sure    

Step 8.

Now for the last drawing step all you have to do is finish sketching out her fully extended angel wing. As you can see the feathers are quite large, and all of them are drawn in the same style as the second larger layer. This is the third layer of fe   

Step 9.

Once the drawing is all cleaned up and you have done all you can to perfect this sketch, this is what the end results should look like more or less. Color in your angel and then show everyone what you have just created. Great job guys, and keep up th   

Step 10.

This is just the full drawing all colored in. I wanted to show you guys how beautiful she came out, and hopefully you enjoyed this lesson.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey ya'll, Dawn here again, with another tattoo tut so some of you who don't mend with cutesy things aren't alienated. This tutorial was pretty cool to design, especially with all the dark lines and wing inks. I've seen a few cool angel designs on Facebook by asdreamsdie and One_Condition, which inspired me to create my own unique one that had emotion behind the picture. This angel is crying stained tears of all the sins humanity has comitted; therefore, there is blood which represents the loss of faith angels have in humanity; which is slowly shedding century and century after that. Soon, humans will become their own demons who cannot be saved; having angels and god himself weep over the demolished – burnt kingdom. Remember, that which can create can also destroy; a perfect speculation of how people are now. Anyways, enough cracking on the human race, let's move onto the lesson! I had so much fun with this during livestream, and I hope those who have watched enjoyed it too. Thanks for viewing!