How to Draw a Mammoth for Kids

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Very simple first step, just make a circle for the head and add one face guide.


You will then draw out the front line for the face and trunk like so, as well as some of the hair pieces on the forehead.


Using the facial guides you drew in step one, draw out the mammoth's large innocent eyes, and then add the eyeballs. Sketch in some wrinkle at the hilt of the trunk like so.


Draw out the mammoth's ears on both side, and then draw out the stubby tusks as well as the rest of the trunk. Make a marking line that divides the tusk from skin.


Finally for the last drawing step, all you will need to do is draw out the small adorable body including the legs and tail. Notice there is some hair on the end of the tail. Clean up the drawing that you just made by erasing all the guides and mistak   


This is the mammoth when you are all done. See how simple it was to actually draw your own beast from thousands of years ago. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did making this mammoth. Color in the drawing to bring it to life, and that's it!

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August 21, 2011

Description: The last thing I have for you guys today is another dinosaur or mammal that roamed the earth thousands of years ago. Up next you will be taught "how to draw a mammoth for kids", step by step. These extremely large animals are thought to be related to the elephant of today. Their sheer size and odd looks almost makes the mammoth one of the more intriguing animal species to have walked the earth. The mammoth that I have for you today is going to be super easy to draw because I made certain that the design and steps are easy enough for anyone to tackle. That’s about all I have to say about this fella. If you want to turn your mammoth into a female, just add a cute bow on her head or some long lashes. Have fun drawing a mammoth for kids, and make sure you come back tomorrow for more drawing fun!

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