How to Draw a Dark Angel, Dark Angel


This is going to be a lengthily lesson so be prepared. Like every tutorial you will start with some shapes and guides that will eventually form a frame for your angel figure. Begin with a small head shape and from there make the guides for the wings,   


You are going to draw the structure of the angel's face in a side view profile and because of this you will have an easier time sketching out the face. Once the face is done you can draw in the hair style the way you see it here.


Draw out the eyes like so, and the sketch in the mouth and add some detailing to the nose.


You will now draw in his neck, and then sketch out the body or torso. Draw the arms and definition or detailing of the back which is filled with muscle.


Continue to draw out the upper body by drawing the arm and hand. Notice how the arm is well defined and the hand is spread in a gripping manner. Add a bracelet and then draw the other arm and belt.


Begin sketching out the wings one layer at a time. Go easy and use a sketching stroke so your wings come out looking fantastic.


Sketch in another layer of feathers for the right wing like so, and when you're done move to another step.


This is the last layer of wing you will draw on the right side. Notice how the feathers are long, pointed and full of attitude.


Begin sketching out the other wing starting at the base. Do the same thing you did in the previous steps when you draw the first angel wing.


Draw another layer of feathers which will extend the length of the wing like so.


Sketch out more of the feathers like so, until your angel's wings come out looking awesome like before.


Finally for the last step, all you have to do is sketch in his legs which are in a bent position, and then draw in the stitch lines for the jeans, as well as the crotch and shoe. Clean up the drawing like so, and move along to see how your finished w   


The line art looks awesome and ready to color. You now have yourself an amazing drawing of a dark angel. Have fun with coloring it in.

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October 28, 2011

Description: The other day I was drawing an angelic figure that was derived from my imagination and today I will be showing you "how to draw a dark angel", step by step. Unfortunately I’m all out of ideas for a cool story to tag to this design concept. All I can tell you is that this is how I see a dark angel looking if there was such a thing. The body pose and style is a little different from what I’m used to drawing and I think you will find that this angel’s body has a lot of edges and angles that are straight and sharp. I took reference after the NIN lead singer since I've been having an NIN obsession (like that never happens). You know how you get into obsessions with various bands in an ongoing cycle ;) The lesson overall is going to be somewhat easy, but if you find that you are having a problem drawing a dark angel like the one you see here, try and go with your own concept that is a bit easier for you to draw. I will see what I can do about making a anime style angel figure broken down into a tutorial. For now have fun with teaching yourself "how to draw a dark angel" and I will get busy with uploading more tutorials for you guys to have fun with. So keep those pencils in hand and get ready to have a blast. Adios amigos and enjoy!

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