How to Draw Christmas Angels, Christmas Angels


Instead of writing out what I needed to explain, I was creating the step and decided that explaining what you had to do on the same page of the drawing would be better. So read along and follow what it says.


1. Shows that primary feathers are the largest feathers in avian wings. That is the first layer of the wing, and it is the largest. The second layer are the second smallest, and proceeds to get shorter the further it goes to the base. Make sure you d   


You will actually be making two angels, one is adult size, and the other is child like in size. Make the head shapes and then the body guidelines.


Draw the outlining of her hair and or hairstyle. For me I went with a curly style, but you can choose to draw any type of hair you like.


Sketch out the shape of the older angel's face, and then draw in the eyes, nose and mouth. Draw in her neck, and then some of the collar line for her angelic dress in later steps.


Draw in the back of her head like so, and then sketch out her clothing starting with the torso first. Once you move down the sketch, you can see how you will need to draw her arms, loose style sleeves, and also make sure to draw her arms positioned u   


Draw in her hands which are locked together, and then sketch in some of the upper body detailing like you see between her arms.


Using the body pose you drew in step one, begin sketching out the rest of her body in the form of a gown or dress. Make sure you sketch in the folds, creases and wrinkles.


You will now be finishing off the first angel as far as body goes. Once you sketch in the bottom of her gown, legs and her feet, you can erase the guidelines inside of the actual drawing.


Slowly start sketching out the first angel wing. The best way to do this is to start at the base and then work your way down. Sketch in the layers of feathers like so, and move along.


Finally you can finish off this angel by drawing the other wing. When you are done sketch in some detailing and definition to give her a nice touch.


You will now start sketching out the second younger angel. Begin sketch drawing the structure of her face, and then sketch in her long hair or locks like you see here.


Draw in her eyes, nose, mouth, and then her neck.


Here you will draw out the angel's shoulders, arms, and then her small hands. When that is done, make the line across the chest which is part of her gown.


Here it is guys, the last drawing step. Draw the rest of her body in the form of a long gown and then draw in her small feet which are peeking through the bottom. Draw in the wings and begin cleaning up the drawing.


All cleaned up and ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing Christmas angels. Thanks guys and join me again.

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November 9, 2011

Description: Up next is a lesson that is going to be based for those days during the month of December as we wait for Christmas to come. In fact, today I will be uploading all winter related stuff and even though there is nothing gory or cruel, it’s still nice to follow a tutorial on something subtle, silent, and beautiful. To start the winter momentum, I will first teach you guys "how to draw Christmas angels", step by step. I have drawn plenty of angels in my day but nothing says holy than an angel hanging on the tree, or displayed on a table or shelf in the house. I had so much fun creating this angel and I think I captured what I wanted to, and it came out great. The sweetness of the angel and how her body pose is drawn, really adds that certain something that is needed when creating a Christmas style angel. Anyways I hope you have fun, and I also hope you enjoy all the lessons you see here tonight.

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