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How to Draw Quicksilver, Avengers 2

Artist: KingTutorial / May 13, 2014
How to Draw Quicksilver, Avengers 2

Step 1.

Let's start the underdrawing with the head and chest shapes. We're viewing him from a semi-top view, so the parts will overlap.

Step 2.

Draw a round shape for his stomach, and then add the pelvis below that. The center line is curved to show a twist in the body. He'll be in a running pose, so the body will be twisted.

Step 3.

Draw a series of curved tubes for the extended leg. Draw circles for the knee and ankle. Then add the foot. The rear leg is angled away from us, so we only see a shortened thigh and the foot peeking out from behind.

Step 4.

On the forward arm, we have a lot of foreshortening going on. The hand appears longer than the forearm from this angle. The hand and forearm combined should be a bit longer than the upper arm. The rear upper arm appears short in perspective, and the    

Step 5.

Now lighten your underdrawing and we'll zoom in on the face for a bit. I've chosen a pose where the head is tilted downward. Thus, we see a lot of the top of the head, and the face appears smaller in perspective. Outline the jaw and ears, and then th   

Step 6.

Next we'll begin drawing the hair line and one main tuft of hair, blowing up and backward in the wind. Normally his hair would hang over his face a bit.

Step 7.

Complete the front hairline, and use long S curves to build the hair on the left. Try to control your line weight to be thick in the center and thin on the ends. Otherwise the texture of the hair will look strange.

Step 8.

Notice how the curve of the hair changes as we draw the opposite side of the head.

Step 9.

Next we'll draw the main features of the face. I've decided to tilt the head downward so the face appears smaller, but you can angle the head and face upward if you wish.

Step 10.

Now we'll add the details of the eyes and mouth, as well as the facial hair. He doesn't have a full beard. It's kind of scruffy... So we'll use short dashes to add the sideburns and beard. Let's add some lines around the eyes and eyebrows to add some   

Step 11.

The neck and shoulder area is covered in fabric that's being stretched and bunched up to create pulls and wrinkles. Notice how the front shoulder curve is repeated all the way across to the opposite arm in perspective.

Step 12.

Now let's zoom out and draw the overlapping curves of the chest. The shirt will have some wrinkles twisting across his chest and stomach. We can also add a center line for his chest muscles to make him look a little more muscular.

Step 13.

Next, use overlapping curves for the outline of the rear arm.

Step 14.

From this angle, the hand appears as only the thumb and pointer finger.

Step 15.

The front hand will get a lot of attention here. I recommend looking at your own hand for reference while you draw. You'll find some interesting wrinkles and lines in there that you might not think of from memory. The pinky finger is in the front, so   

Step 16.

Bulk up the outline on the fingers. This hand is the closest body part to the camera, so we can draw the outline a bit thicker to add to the forced perspective. Add the remaining fingers, and then draw in the thumb.

Step 17.

Add wrinkles to the palm of the hand, and then start outlining the forearm and upper arm.

Step 18.

Outline the side of the body, having your curves point inward at the bottom.

Step 19.

This leg bends forward at the hip, so we have a change in perspective. All our curves will wrap upward, with the sharp tips pointing inward and toward the hip. We're viewing the front of the knee from slightly below, so an upside-down U gives us a go   

Step 20.

Draw the front lower leg, and then outline the rear leg. Folds in the pants cross downward diagonally and help to add to the sense of depth.

Step 21.

Next outline the shoes. I don't know what brand of sneaker he's wearing, but I'm sure it's some sort of product placement in the film.

Step 22.

Now we can add the design elements to his costume. In the comics, his suit is covered in lightning bolts. For the movie, they appear to have toned it down a bit.

Step 23.

Next we'll draw some of the seam lines that separate different color patches of his outfit. For the darkest parts on the shirt, I've added some black areas with dash marks to help flesh out the muscle areas.

Step 24.

For the seams on the legs, maintain the upward curves to keep the leg in perspective. If these curves are off, the shape will flatten out and won't look right.

Step 25.

And here's the final line art. I hope you like how it turned out. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for viewing!

Step 26.


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Description: For this tutorial, we're going to draw one of the new characters from the upcoming Avengers sequel: Quicksilver. In the comics, he's the son of Magneto and is a mutant with super speed. In the film, he'll have a new twist on his origin story. So without further ado, let's draw!