How to draw Coronation Elsa

Artist: SnowLily / July 10, 2014

Step 1.

First, we draw the head. Try to make it a half-circle, or else Elsa is going to look fat.

Step 2.

Next, we draw the eyes. Easy, right?

Step 3.

Now we have the nose and her mouth (she doesn't have to be smiling, draw her mouth anyway you want.)

Step 4.

Next, draw her eyebrows. Her eyebrows are REALLY important, they portray her emotions.

Step 5.

Now, we get started on her hair! Make sure it's sideways, that's what it looks like in the movie, Frozen.

Step 6.

For those of you who have watched 'Frozen', you probably know that she has a braid twisted into a bun (that's what my friend said, anyway). The crown is optional, it depends on how you're drawing her.

Step 7.

Finish her hair by drawing a curve that connects the two ends of her face, and give her a bun.

Step 8.

Next, we have her dress.

Step 9.

Now, we have her arms. Remember, she's wearing sky-blue gloves.

Step 10.

We're almost done! Actually, we ARE done. Finish Elsa by giving her a cape and add lacing onto her dress. Easy, right?

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Artist: SnowLily
Date Added: July 10, 2014
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Tags: how to draw people
Description: I've noticed that while people delight in drawing Elsa as a Snow Queen, NO ONE has bothered to draw Elsa in her coronation outfit. (My drawing isn't the best, but I did it in like ten seconds, sorry)