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How to Draw an Anime Mermaid

Artist: APurpleOtaku / February 16, 2015
How to Draw an Anime Mermaid

Step 1.

Ok so! Start with a circle and some guidelines. They may not look helpful but they are

Step 2.

K face time! Your face doesn't have to look exactly like mine. It could be any shape you want this is just one possibility

Step 3.

One more guideline for where the top of the eyes will be then start on the eye.

Step 4.

K now finish the eye and make another one. They don't have to be perfect just pretty :)

Step 5.

K now we do the nose and mouth. As you can see, I've erased most of the guidelines by now. You don't have too ar maybe you already have. Both are fine

Step 6.

Now we start on our body. Here just sketch some stick figurey arms and add a line to show how the body will move.

Step 7.

Now, back to head add some bangs

Step 8.

add the rest of her hair and keep in mind she's underwater

Step 9.

Now add the basic shapes for her body

Step 10.

Now finish her body and give her clothes, or you know, a top

Step 11.

Then add details to her tail. I pretty much did a squiggle then stripes

Step 12.

Do the end of her tail

Step 13.

Now finish off the details and bam

Step 14.

Aaand we're done!

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Artist: APurpleOtaku
Date Added: February 16, 2015
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Tags: how to draw mermaids
Description: Here is my first Tutorial yippee!! So here is how to draw an anime mermaid!! It is based loosely off a fish called the Cayman Lionfish. Enjoy!