How to Draw a Merwoman

Artist: Dawn / November 10, 2016

Step 1.

We can start with some guide shapes to create the merwoman's body. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then the guidelines for the tail.

Step 2.

Define the shape of her face and then draw the long thick locks.

Step 3.

Up next, add a face which should have a sad expression looking downward. Draw in more of her hair and be sure it's big, puffy and curly. You can then draw the neck, shoulders and arms. Her hands are resting on her torso and hip quietly.

Step 4.

You can complete the body shape which is very curvaceous and full of contours. You will also need to draw in the gash on her tail fin. Sketch in the belly button and then the rib definition.

Step 5.

Here you will draw in the fins on both the back and the tip of the tail. Define and detail the fins in a textured manner. Add some scales on the tail and when that is done you will proceed to step six.

Step 6.

Here you will draw in the leeches all over her tail.

Step 7.

We are basically done with the merwoman which means you can work on the background. Begin with the seaweed coming up from the bottom. Add definition to the seaweed before leaving this step.

Step 8.

All that you have to do now is draw the water line. Erase the mistakes and all the guides too.

Step 9.

That's it. Start coloring in your merwoman to finish off the art. I hope you show others your drawing and I also hope you upload your finished art to for all others to see.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 10, 2016
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Tags: how to draw mermaids
Description: There are so many ways you can make reference to a mermaid. You can call them by their common name, "mermaid' or you can call the older mermaids 'merwoman'. So here it is, a lesson on how to draw a merwoman, step by step. There is also a story to this drawing. I tried painting an entire story with one image of a being alone in the ocean. If you look into the water, you will see that there are leeches sucking off her body like she is some kind of host for torture. She is also bleeding from an open gash that she obtained from a spear as someone was trying to hunt her down. This merwoman is in search of her home, of her family, of her life. If she doesn't make it, I fear that the sharks will bring her down. anyways, have fun with drawing this merwoman and I will meet you all back here in a few.