How To Draw A Beautiful Mermaid

Artist: Dawn / March 26, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step what you want to do is draw out the guidelines and circle shapes to form the frame of the mermaid. Starting at the top draw an oblong circle for the face and sketch in the facial guidelines. Next draw out the shape of the mermaids    

Step 2.

Now what you want to do here in this step is start sketching out her face by drawing in the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. After that is sketched in draw some simple detailing on the top of her head for her hair. Now move down a bit and draw in the   

Step 3.

This is going to be the last step of drawing you are going to have to do. Here what you want to do is sketch in and detail her eyes a bit more. The best way to do this is enlarge the image to see exactly what I am talking about. After the eyes are de   

Step 4.

And this is what your mermaid should look like when you are totally done. Isn't she pretty? All that you have to do now is put your finishing touches on her by coloring her in. That will conclude this tutorial on how to draw a beautiful mermaid.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 26, 2008
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Description: Hello again fellow artist, and welcome to DragoArt. Today’s tutorial is going to be on another mermaid. I was going through the tutorials and saw the mermaid I first put up and said to myself “WOW, it’s been that long”. You see I drew that mermaid when I was first learning how to draw people and the all there body parts. I didn’t quite know how to draw faces, and hands, or how to keep both eyes symmetrical, or even how to make a face look portioned. Now that I’ve gotten better with my drawing, I figure it’s time for a new version of a mermaid, or at least a mermaid that you would want to learn how to draw. So here we go, I know almost all of you know what a mermaid is and how they live in the sea and all that, but do you know the myth of the mermaid? The myth of mermaids and its tales has been told in many different ways and by many different cultures. In Greek mythology their form of mermaids where called “Sirens” which where basically a group of maidens that lived in the sea or by the sea. They lure young ship wrecked men towards them by playing beautiful music on their unique instruments. In some Greek Mythology Sirens where also described as being three bird like woman that sat on the coastal rocks and seduced men from passing ships just to kill them or curse them later. Mermaids are also referred to as water fairies or water nymphs, in Irish and Scottish folklore they refer to these sea women as being “Selkies” woman who live in the sea who are able to transform into sea animals like seals or dolphins. The legend of mermaids has been a part of fables since 5000 BC. Even though there is many descriptions of these maidens, there is one thing that remains the same, their appearance. In almost every folklore or tale of the mermaid, they are said to be amazingly beautiful with long lustrous hair and big beautiful eyes. Their voices can lure any man or creature towards them when they sing or laugh. Like fish, mermaids come in a verity of colors, from blue to red, or from orange to green, and where usually bare chested with their long hair covering their perfect breast. The tail of a mermaid has been described over time being that of a dolphin or small whale, but we know them as having tails that resemble that of a fish. Today two of the most favorited mermaids of my time are Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Madison from the movie “Splash” played by Daryl Hannah, which I think she was a very beautiful mermaid. So, no matter how to tell the tales of mermaids and where they come from or what they are, one thing will always remain the same, when you’re a child as a little girl a common wish is to in fact be a mermaid. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to draw a beautiful mermaid. The steps are always simple to read and follow to make the whole drawing experience a breeze, toodles.