How to Draw a Baby Mermaid, Mermaid Girl

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Let's get started by drawing an egg shape for the head of your baby mermaid, then add a guideline through the center.


Draw out the lower portion of the mermaid's face like so, then draw in the arm and hand which is going to be touching her mouth.


Here you will start drawing out her lovely hairstyle which is simple, combed and neat. I drew in a pretty flower from the sea in her hair as well because as you know true mermaid often have something in their hair that brings attention.


Like most of my chibi figures, you will draw out a pair of large round eyes, then sketch in some dainty lashes. Once that is done draw finger lines on her hand, as well as her nose.


You are already almost done. All you need to do here is draw out the torso, right arm and hand, more of her hair, then draw the baby style mermaid tail.


Add the scale detailing to the tail and fins, as well as a band line around the waist like you see here. Erase the mistakes that you made then you are all set to color her in.


If you want to add something to her attire or change something about her appearance, go right ahead and do so.

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June 25, 2012

Description: Continuing on with the baby trend for some pretty fabulous fantasy characters and creatures. We will be learning "how to draw a baby mermaid", step by step. As I said yesterday with the other baby tutorials that I submitted, these versions of our favorite creatures are so simple to recreate which in the end makes them fun as well. I enjoy drawing anything in baby form which means this was exciting for me to create. No matter what you choose to draw in life one thing is always certain, every piece that is created originally comes from within. There is no one that can tell you how to think something up and slap it on paper. I for one listen to what people say to me, but in the end I always do my own thing. I hope you find joy when you tackle this tutorial on drawing a baby mermaid. I will return so stay tuned in. Peace people and like always, enjoy!

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