How to Draw Chibi Lucy, Elfen Lied

Artist: mstormw / December 19, 2010

Step 1.

Okay, let's start off with some guidelines... You don't need to do these, it just makes it easier to get all of the proportions right. The head should be about the same height as the body, and the shoulders should be abnormally narrow. This may look    

Step 2.

Once you've done (or not done) the guidelines, I personally find it best if you start at the top and work your way down. So lets get the helmet out of the way, as it is probably the most detailed bit of the drawing. Divide the cirle in half at an ang   

Step 3.

Next, add in her hair, and horn. Her hair comes down to about her waist, and although it is longer in the program,chibi is such and extreame style, that it just looks awkward if you try to make it look too long. Her horn should be a small-ish triagle   

Step 4.

After that, draw in her facial features. Her mouth is located at the bottom of the mouth-like part of the helmet, and should be in the shape of a shallow 'm', as though she is about to cry (poor lucy). You can also add a trickle of blood/tear down he   

Step 5.

Lets move on to her shoulders and bandages. As I said earlier, the shoulders are weirdly narrow, but, ya know,*shrug* that is chibi. You can be as experimental so you like when it comes to the bandages, as long as the don't cover up the arms. The arm   

Step 6.

Ok, the next step is really simple; you just need to add the fingers and start he legs. I don't know why, but i tend to draw chibi's with only three or four fingers and toes, but you can make it the right amount if you want, as long as it doesn't abn   

Step 7.

Lastly, finish off the rest of her front-most leg, by adding the calf and the stubby, out of proportion feet (with three toes, sorry!). Also, draw in a loose bandage and the rest of her back.

Step 8.

Awesome! You've drawn your very own strategically positioned, chibi version of Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied. Hope this tut helped! please rate and comment, and I hope to do another tut soon. ^^

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Artist: mstormw
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Description: My 6th tut, I think... Elfen lied, what can I say? probably my favourate anime tv series of all times. It is basically about this girl, lucy who has 'vectors' which are invisible hands that can stretch up to 2 metres. Her breed are called 'diclonius' and are so dangerous that they are contained for research or killed. Lucy escapes from this unit, extreamely easily once given the oportunity, and manaages to kill alot of people within the first 10 mins of the first episode (one of my fav things about elfen lied) The great thing about Lucy is that she has a dual personality, one of which's memory has been almost completely wiped when she was shot in the head, when escaping. This is where her catch-phase 'Nyuu' comes in. She has her side that has an intact memory and wants to destroy eveything in her path, and there's the side of her that dusnt even know how to go to the toilet or dress properly, which as you can imagine,gives the program a comic side too. The TV series is set in Japan, as it is anime, but you can watch it English dub/sub. So, yea, this is a chibi version of her just after she is shot in the head, and her memory is screwed up. ^^ Enjoy!! Please rate and comment