How to Draw Aipom

Artist: animorpher / November 9, 2008

Step 1.

Start with his foot.

Step 2.

Now draw his other foot and his leg and add his belly.

Step 3.

Now finish his other leg and his back.

Step 4.

Now add some lines for his head. Remember to space in between. His ears and such are gonna go there.

Step 5.

Now begin his tail and add his ears.

Step 6.

Now finish his tail.

Step 7.

Now make the insides of his ear and his face outlines. Add a tuft of hair on top.

Step 8.

Finally, start adding detail to his face. his eyes, his weird creepy smile.

Step 9.

This is what your drawing should look like, or close to looking like. If you keep drawing Aipom over and over, it'll look even better, and you'll feel more comfortable with drawing. For my next tutorial, it will not(yay!) be a Pokemon tutorial, it wi   

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