How to Draw Squirtle

Artist: Dawn / July 30, 2008

Step 1.

Okay are you ready for some fun? Lets start off by drawing a round shape for his head with the facial guidelines drawn in as well. Next how about adding a rounded oblong shape for his body. After those two major shapes are drawn out you can start add   

Step 2.

Next what you will be doing is working on his face. Start with the eyes and make two oblong shapes with two small circles at the top. Next draw a crocked line for his mouth. The shapes for his arms and hands are the next thing to be drawn in as well    

Step 3.

What you will do here is detail his eyes with a couple of half moon shaped circles and then give him two slanted lines for nostrils. Another crocked line to finish off his mouth is needed as well as the completion of his left leg and foot. Draw a cur   

Step 4.

All you will do here is draw the shell lines on his stomach. After that you can go ahead and erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. How easy was that huh? Very easy that's how.

Step 5.

And wha la! This is what your finished character should look like. All you really need to do now is color him in and add to your collection. I hope you enjoyed this fun online tutorial on how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon step by step. I know I did.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 30, 2008
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Description: Okay people I’m back with my other tutorial on my last Pokémon character. I know, I know “again”. But the answer is “yeah, again”. What can I say I love ‘um to death! I was just watching one part of the series on Youtube and I gotta tell ya, I’m buying it on DVD, I have too. The episode I was watching had Ash and Misty analyzing a species of Pokémon and they were trying to determine what kind of group it belonged to. I was laughing my behind off seriously. I know I never thought the series was funny as a younger kid, but now? Wow, simply funny. Anyways, for this next tutorial I will be showing you how to draw Squirtle from Pokémon. I know you all must remember this little guy. He is the one that looks like a turtle with a squirrel’s tail. Now he is in fact a water-type Pokémon specimen and one of the powers he processes is Torrent. This ability increases the power of Water-type attacks by 50% when used. Other powers that Squirtle uses are Water Gun and Hydro Pump which are also very cool. Now because he is a water Pokémon, this means that he also has the ability to learn other moves as well that involve not water but ice. If taught properly he can learn Ice Beam and Blizzard. Another move that you may or may not remember is when he sprays water from his mouth. He also uses its hard shell to defend himself in battles. If you really look at this Pokémon he really looks more like a turtle than anything else doesn’t he? Again, Squirtle was yet another anime character that was featured in the video game Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo. As with all the other Pokémon creatures, Squirtle also evolves into two other specimens. The form as we see him most in the series is his basic form, but when he evolves the first time he turns into Wartortle which looks like one of Bowsers hench men from Mario Bros. In the second transformation he turns into Blastoise, and in this form he looks just like Bowser himself but blue in color. His turtle shell has two water cannons coming out of both sides and he looks more like a dinosaur in this state. Either way I love ‘um no matter what transformation he may take on. Well that’s it. Now it is time for you all to do your part and start learning how to draw Squirtle from Pokémon step by step. I give you detailed and easy to read instructions to help you make you’re learning experience a bit simpler. Now go away, go read some steps…=-P (a line from one of my favorite movies called Nacho Libre). Peace out people.