How to Draw Bulbasaur

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Ready people. Start this first step with a big round circle for his head and draw in his facial guidelines and a big line for a smile. Next draw a medium sized oval shape for his body and then the beginning line for his bulb that rest on his back. Th   


Now here as you can see you will start detailing and drawing in the features. Start with the face and head. Draw out two shapes for his eyes that resemble sideways acorns and then finish off his smile with another line below the top lip to make an op   


The only thing you will really be doing here is detailing his face and body a bit more as you can tell.Shape out the top of his head and give him some pupils. Now two eyebrows and a couple of teeth are the next things to be drawn in. After that give    


Here you will draw out his different shaped markings on his body and then you can erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew back in step one.


This is what your finished drawing of Bulbasaur should look like when you are done. That was easy right. I know! That does it folks you just learned how to draw Bulbasaur from Pokemon step by step. Color him in and add him to your anime collection. S   

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July 29, 2008

Description: Hello once again DragoArt fans and welcome back. Well actually I should say welcome back to me because I have been away all weekend. Since I’m back I will most definitely start chatting with all my new friends that I made on the site. To all that I met and that are on my friends list, I must say to you all that everyone is cool, unique and funny. Having said all that lets get started with the first of today’s tutorials. I chose to do another character from the Pokémon anime series because the last two brought back some fond memories of my childhood as I explained in the last tutorial. I have a handful of favorite Pokémon characters that I will always like and adore. For this third tutorial I will show you all how to draw Bulbasaur which was one of Ash’s Pokémon. The appearance for this creature was just that, a creature. He always reminded me of a frog mixed with some sort of dinosaur that had a big bulb of garlic resting on its back that extracted some sort of Solar Beam as his power. But not only does a solar beam come from the bulb, particles of powder, scents, petals, and seeds also flow from the hole. Some of Bulbasaur’s moves are Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Petal Dance, and Sweet Scent. I guess you can say that he has a wide variety of arsenal that he is able to launch at enemies. As with all Pokémon Bulbasaur evolves as well. His unevolved state is what you see when he is not in combat which is called his base form, the first evolution he transforms into Ivysaur at this point he has his bulb leaves opened and ready to flower. The next transformation is called second evolution, and this time Bulbasaur transforms into a much bigger creature that has a full sized flower looking tree on his back. In this stage he is called Venusaur. Well that's it, this tutorial was fun for me and I hope you all had fun with it as well. You will learn a very easy way to draw Bulbasaur from Pokémon step by step. The online tutorial will give you detailed instructions to help make your learning experience a breeze. Well peace out people I will see you in a bit.

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