How to Draw a Blue Jay

Artist: animorpher / November 9, 2008

Step 1.

Start with the beak and the eye

Step 2.

Now add his belly and the beginning of his face markings.

Step 3.

Add his little tuft of feathers on the top of his head. Also add his feet and the branch.

Step 4.

Add the beginning of his wing. Put some more face markings.

Step 5.

Add more of his wing and some more tufts of feathers.

Step 6.

Add his tail feathers.

Step 7.

Now here's the last step and the hard part-add his feathers on his wing.

Step 8.

This is what your finished sketch should look like. I hope y'all had fun doing this. Till next time, peace people.

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: November 9, 2008
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Description: Here's the blue jay I promised. Hope y'all enjoy it.