How to Draw a Witch Hat

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For the first step draw out the typical shape for the top of a witch's hat. The top of the hat is usually crinkled over to one side like you see here. Draw out the creases and or folds, then proceed to step two.


Next, draw out the round rimmed lid which should be big enough to shadow the witch's face.


Draw band around the base of the hat along with the traditional buckle in the center. Sketch out the stretched out piece of spider web like so, then erase your mistakes.


Here is what your witch hat looks like when you are all done. Now all you have to do is color it in using a color of your choice.

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October 18, 2012

Description: Well folks, here is what you call one cool, simple lesson on "how to draw a witch's hat", step by step. I know this doesn't seem like a great tut to tackle, but a witch hat is one of the main objects in Halloween coloring books, for sale on store shelves to complete a witch costume for trick or treaters, and the witch hat is a common object used for a mold when making cakes and candies. I wanted to make the hat simple enough for others to replicate while adding a quality of fun. I hope you will enjoy draw a witch hat. I will be back with one last lesson for you all to complete the Halloween celebration. Peace out!

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