How to Draw Halloween Candy

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The first step is to obviously draw out a deep bucket shape that has some pointed ends at the top.


Okay, before we get to the fun stuff like drawing the candy, you will need to draw in the face on your pumpkin candy bowl. Start with eyes, then draw the nose and zigzag style mouth. Add the grooves to detail the pumpkin's surface texture. At the top   


Here is where you can get crazy and draw all the candy your heart desires. You can either draw out the candy you see in my bowl, or you can draw your own favorite kind. Erase the mistakes if there is any.


When all is done, you have to color in your drawing to complete the whole thing. Have fun, and remember to show others what you have done.

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October 18, 2012

Description: Back to some pretty cool and simple Halloween based lessons on a few of the things that is iconic to the holiday. Here is "how to draw Halloween candy", step by step. When I think of Halloween candy, I often think of a big plastic pumpkin shaped bowl filled with all different types of candy like tarts, gumballs, Jawbreakers, chocolates, gummies and Gummy worms, and all other different types of goodies. I really wanted to capture the very essence of Halloween so I tried using colors that scream the very life of what Halloween is known for. So I hope you enjoy folks, have fun and be sure to be as creative as you like. Adios!

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