How to Draw an Evil Witch


For the first step, draw out the basics of her body and make sure you remember....PROPORTIONS!


Draw the base of her hood, the owl on her shoulder and the stand with the cup of poison in front of her.


For the next step, start modifying her hood and make sure it's over the forehead. Draw the folds on her upper chest and the features of her old face. Start drawing her hair, and don't overdo it, because remember that she is aging, and she doesn't ha   


Here, draw the base of her eyes and the eyebrows. Draw her skirt and remember about the folds! Folds make everything look professional. Draw the shoes and make sure they are simple, and round.


For this step, finish the owl and the witch's old wrinkly face and make her look mean. Also work on the stand and the cup of poison. The cup represents a skull so make it look creepy. The stand is old so draw it like the top layer of cement is fallin   


And now the last step! Draw her hands and the things in her apron. There's a knife and old magical grass xD

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March 31, 2012

Description: Hey everyone! This is my second tutorial and i decided to show everyone how to draw a witch this time! Good luck and remember that practice always makes perfect so don't get frustrated if you don't get it right the first time (:

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