How to Draw a Werewolf Transformation, Werewolf Transformation

Artist: Dawn / June 29, 2012

Step 1.

First stage of any transformation, is the sharp stinging pains that tingle throughout the entire body. The victim experiences severe muscle spasms and overheating in the body. Here in 1) we have the basic, simply detailed body figure about to phase i   

Step 2.

Next stages are pretty intense, where the victim goes through a very strong and brutal painful semi-finished stage. 3) we have the clothes searing off the body, with the muscle definition intensified as well as fuller. Examine the snout and how the h   

Step 3.

Now, I love drawing the transformation process from the side because it really does give you an insight on how complex the process is to draw. Watch how the face becomes increasingly larger and more detailed, forming a snout and erect ears. The final   

Step 4.

Let's start with the profile view of the werewolf head that you see in the colored image of this tutorial. Start with a circle for the head guide. You will then use the circle to begin sketching out the snout of the werewolf like so, as well as the b   

Step 5.

Now lets get started with the actual full image werewolf. Start the drawing by making a small shape for the werewolf's head, then draw in a small egg shape for the torso. You will then connect the two with a neck guide, then draw the limb lines.

Step 6.

Like you did with the profile lesson, begin this one the same way. Start with sketching out the snout, then draw in the ears and lower jaw.

Step 7.

You should slowly start drawing in the sharp werewolf teeth so they come out really neat and even with one another. After that is done you have to draw out the eyes, then add all the creases, folds, and wrinkles around the snout, between the eyes, an   

Step 8.

Now here is where all the magic happens. You will probably need to take things down a notch because there is a lot of detailing involved with the next few steps. First, sketch out the back of the werewolf's neck and make sure that the neck hairs are    

Step 9.

Finish off the arms by drawing in the forearms. When that is done work on getting the over sized claws or hands drawn out. As you know werewolves have these massive hands with sharp clawed fingers. Add the detailing of the tendons on the top parts of   

Step 10.

You are nearly done with this tutorial on drawing a werewolf. You will need to sketch out the lower part of the legs which are shaped like a canine. The feet look very much like a wolf's foot as you can tell. The toes should be clawed. Sketch in the    

Step 11.

Lastly, simply draw in the ground that this creature is standing on. You are all done once you have erased all the mistakes. You have to clean up the drawing to prepare it for color.

Step 12.

Here is the finished sketch. Add the shading to the areas you see here if you want, then color in your drawing. Great work guys, I knew you could do it!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Well folks, I have something super special that I think most of you will like. I decided that an awesome next tutorial should be on something I haven't done for a while. So, after careful thinking, I decided that I would make a tutorial on how to draw a werewolf transformation, step by step. It took me a long while to complete this tutorial as you can imagine. I drew a series of steps that show the transformation process from when the man is human, all the way up until his full werewolf form. This is probably one of the coolest tutorials I have drawn in a while, and since I took so much time and effort in making it a step by step lesson, I really hope that there are folks that like this submission too. It's not easy drawing a werewolf so that is why I made another tutorial on one. Besides, I wanted to try out this new drawing technique that I've been working on. As you can see this werewolf is much cooler than the ones I've submitted in the past. So here you are, drawing a werewolf transformation. I hope you enjoy following this tut half as much as I did creating it.