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How to Draw a Lycan, Lycanthrope

Artist: Dawn / February 12, 2012
How to Draw a Lycan, Lycanthrope

Step 1.

Let's first start with the basic underlying guidelines that will build the structure of this werewolf. Notice how all the major joints are encircled in red, and the largest parts of the body are enlarged circles. It's important to draw the guidelines   

Step 2.

Then, we'll begin by sketching the outer shape of the head to get familiar with the details needed to be added later. Make sure the cheek fur is nice and sketch to get that 'lycan' wolf look.

Step 3.

Next, we'll start adding the intense detailing that frame the mouth and the facials. You'll be needing to draw with thick and bold lines for this part since it's a thick and rough style we're trying to convey. Make sure you ink this out later on!

Step 4.

Then, we'll start sketching the shoulders and neck FIRST before we jump into any serious detailing. Take your time and try to refrain from rushing too. The middle of the chest needs to be thickened in detailing and invert in the middle where the shou   

Step 5.

We'll start with the left arm first before finishing with the right. Start by drawing the forearm first and then each individual fingers. Take your time with this and make sure the detailing is around important and jointed areas. The claws should hav   

Step 6.

Now, the HARD part, which is the abdominal area and the ripped - torn leftover clothing this lycan shredded through. You should start with the outer shapes first before inking intense details for the middle. Again, try not to rush!

Step 7.

Starting from the base of the leg, we'll work our lines from side to side making sure they length evenly. The joint should be drawn right where you see the ball and lines connect (guidelines). The calf should not be LONGER than the thigh, and the res   

Step 8.

Repeat the process taken for the right leg, only, we'll be using a bit of perspective for this one. The foot is going to be facing forward to give this guy a bit of gravity balance and dimension. You don't want him having two legs seeming they aren't   

Step 9.

With further cleanup, redefining lines, and inking, you should have something similar to this. The coloring and inking took me 2 hours to complete in livestream. Initially, I had a winged werewolf but my mother suggested I adjust it into a Lycan. I h   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 12, 2012
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Tags: how to draw werewolves, how to draw underworld characters
Description: For those of you that joined me Friday for a Live stream session, you should know that I was drawing a serious concept of my take on werewolf from Underworld. I have enjoyed all three movies and I can’t wait to see the forth. One of my favorite figures from Underworld is in fact the werewolves. So today, I will be breaking down the very drawing that I was sketching Live. Here is how to draw a Lycan, step by step. Even though a majority of us believe that Lycans are werewolves, they are in fact something different. For example, a Lycan is more like a wolf and they are able to change back and forth switching themselves from a human to werewolf. Unlike werewolves, they don’t have to wait for a full moon before they can change into their wolf creature form. Another difference between a Lycan and werewolf is their body structures. The Lycan has a much more defined and muscular structure than that of a werewolf. They also hold a posture more upright ad like a man. Another fun fact about the differences between Lycans and werewolves is the fact that werewolves are from English lore, and Lycans are said to be from Transylvania. Lycans have more of a human thinking capability, whereas werewolves think like an animal. I’m sure some of you already know what I’m trying to explain, and for those of you that don’t know, I’m glad you have been given some interesting 411 on this matter. For now, have fun with drawing a Lycan and I will be sure to create more tutorials for you all. Adios people and enjoy!