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How to Draw a Werewolf Head

Artist: Dawn / July 7, 2015
How to Draw a Werewolf Head

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ToxzicTwiin · 5 years ago
Very nice, mine didn't come out as well but close enough!
AshleyMagno · 5 years ago
Lion Kangaroo Wolf :hai:
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 7, 2015
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Tags: draw werewolves, how to draw werewolves
Description: I was just playing around on my tablet and one thing led to another when I created this drawing that is now a tutorial. Today, I will take what I sketched out for fun, and show you all how to draw a werewolf head, step by step. The sketch is a bit rough, but since it didn't come out as a total loss I wanted to just turn something cool into a lesson. Werewolves were one of the first creatures that I started out drawing when I was a kid. In fact, the main creatures/figures that I often attempted to recreate where; werewolves, dragons, mermaids, dinosaurs, and birds. On occasion I would draw other mythical beasts like dryads, hell hounds and other creatures that gave me a challenge to draw. Anyways, I do hope that this lesson on drawing a werewolf head helps those of you that have had a hard time with creating something cool, yet simple to draw. I will be back with more tuts so stay tuned in.