How to Draw Yuri, Yuri Nakamura, Angel Beats

Artist: Dawn / June 29, 2012

Step 1.

Begin by simply making a circle for the head and face, then lightly sketch in a facial guideline.

Step 2.

You will then draw out the shape of the lower portion of Yuri's face like so making sure that her chin is pointed. When that is done draw the angled shapes of her eyelids.

Step 3.

Draw in the eyes or eyeballs like so, then make a pattern for the pupils. Lightly add the eyebrows as well as the crease folds for the eyelids. Draw in the nose and mouth as well.

Step 4.

Now we can get busy with drawing Yuri's hairstyle. Do this by first making the straight lined bangs like so. Then finish be sculpting the shape of her head, then draw the length of her hair. Don't forget to add the headband.

Step 5.

Draw in more of her hair, then draw the ruffled ribbon too. Next, make the lining to form out the neck, then draw out the shoulders as you see it done here.

Step 6.

It's now time to finish things off. You will do this by drawing the V lined shape of the collar, then draw in the school girl tie which is almost always part of a traditional Japanese style school girl uniform. Add the lining for the flaps of the shi   

Step 7.

When you are finished, the drawing should come out looking similar to the one you see here. Now all you have to do is color her in to bring her to life.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I guess there are more folks that would like to see some more characters from the anime Angel Beats because I keep getting requests for more tuts on them. Since I already did Angel or Kanade, I thought I would make a lesson on "how to draw Yuri Nakamura", step by step. As I mentioned before, Yuri is the one that has a big problem with Angel and she is also the leader of the SSS which stands for 'Shinda Sekai Sensen'. This group blames God for their hardships and troubles in life. Therefore they rebel, and fight against him. Yuri believes that Angel or Tenshi is somehow connected to God because she possesses powers that are quite supernatural. Because of this she makes it her mission in life to bring down Tenshi which is why she is always finding new ways to make an attack on her. Yuri almost always drags Hinata around with her as she fulfills her plots no matter what they may be. Other than her sour feelings for God, she is also quite the looker. She has purple colored hair with a full set of neatly combed bangs. She wears a headband that is almost the same color of her hair but it also has a yellowish green ruffled ribbon attached to the side of the headband. Her eyes are pretty because they are like this ocean green color. Apart from being cruel to Angel, Tenshi, Kanade, or whatever you want to call her, she has a pretty charismatic personality which draws people to her. I had fun drawing Yuri because she was simple and entertaining to recreate or replicate. Of course if you're a fan of the Angel Beats series, you will probably enjoy this lesson more than I did making it. I have more stuff coming your way so stay tuned in to see what it is. Peace people and enjoy!