How to Draw a Werewolf vs Vampire


Begin the first step by drawing two head guides. When that is done you can proceed to step two.


Next, sketch out the shape or structure for the vampire's head. This should be bald, and sort of cone shaped. Along with the head you will need to draw the nose which is from a side view. Draw the pointed ear then add the brow.


Sketch out the mouth which is wide open because this vampire is in a fighting pose.


Here you will draw in the teeth. Notice that the teeth are sharp and pointed and I'm not just talking about the fangs. Add the tongue inside the mouth, then proceed to step five.


You will now sketch in the forehead crinkles on the vampires head like so, when that is done you can sketch in the crinkling on the side of the nose. Next, draw in the void looking eye, then define the cheek with an indent line Add detailing inside t   


Up next, we will work on the vampire's cap collar which is supposed to look like bat wings. The arched, high raised collar hooks over the head slightly like you see here. Also include the shoulders.


You will completely finish drawing the vampire by drawing the shape of the head from behind, then draw the neck. You will then sketch in detailing to the neck, back of head and shoulder.


Now start sketching the werewolf beginning with the forehead, snout and bottom jaw. When you are done with that draw the fluff on the cheek.


Sketch in the wrinkles around the mouth, then draw the crinkling on the snout. When you are done with that you can draw the tip of the nose. Add the whisker holes and you are done.


Up next, draw in the eye, make some dark marking around the eyeball, then sketch in the crinkles on the forehead. Be sure that your werewolf has some mean expressive looks.


You are almost done. We will work on getting the big, massive body sketched out. The hairs on the back of neck and back are raised because when dogs are in fight, the hairs on their coats rise. Draw in the chest, arm, and then the big pointed ears. A   


All you have to do here is draw in the upper jaw gum line. No teeth yet, just the notched for where the teeth will go.


Now you can fill the mouth with some gnarling, sharp teeth. As you know werewolves have massive teeth or canines so be sure they are very intimidating here. Erase your mistakes and guides too.


Here is the finished drawing. Now you can color in your vampire and werewolf. Add a cool background too.

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July 18, 2014

Description: Are you ready for something REALLY cool? Well brace yourselves because this is what I'm talking about when I want to draw vampires and werewolves together. For some reason I can't believe I never did a tut on this concept before. It is so very cool and so very captivating that I think there is going to be a lot of people flipping over this tutorial. So, having said that let us begin the journey on drawing a werewolf vs vampire. You remember Underworld right? Well now you can draw character or figures that can be similar to the movie characters. Please don't forget to let me know how you like this lesson. I will return with some other cool tuts so stick around.

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