How to Draw a Tribal Fairy


Begin with some simple shapes. One for the head, two for the torso, then one big outlined shape for the fairy wing.


Sketch out the outline for the tribal fairy's face.


Using the facial guideline, draw out the eyes. You will then begin to slowly sketch out the tribal design pattern for her long curly hair. Take your time, this may take a while before you get the tribal hair right.


Once you are satisfied with the hair and face, all you have to do now is begin drawing out the very defined tribal wing. You can go with any design as you like so beg creative if you want to try something new.


Add all of the tribal detailing for the wing. These lines look very much like veins.


Draw a hint of the other fairy tribal patterned wing like so.


You will now draw the back, butt, and thigh for your tribal fairy. Color in the back end, then color in the foot.


Lastly, draw the other leg and foot, as well as the breast, arm and hand. Erase the mistakes when you are all done.


Here is how the tribal fairy looks when you are all done. Color in the work of art then you all set.

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November 15, 2012

Description: Here is a nice design of a beautiful tribal fairy that will leave you wanting more. All of the tribal art that has been getting submitted lately has really inspired me to make another tribal design to add the collection. Today I will be showing you "how to draw a tribal fairy", step by step. This magical looking fairy has what it takes to end up as a tattoo anywhere on your body. This is such a feminine design which makes it subtle and angelic. I enjoyed drawing this tribal fairy so much, I tried my best to break down the steps as easy as I possibly could. I hope you have fun, and enjoy!

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