How to Draw a Dark Fairy

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Make the head and torso guides like so then draw in the guidelines for the wing shapes.


Using the head guide, define the shape of the head and then draw in the long curly hair which is going to cover her face eventually.


Here you will draw in the shoulders, arms and some of the torso shape. The hair that is covering the face should be shorter.


Now you can sketch out the entire length and style of her dark dress. As you can see it looks more like a misty cloud then it does actual fabric material. When you are done drawing the dark dress, move to step five.


Next, simply sketch out the part of her dress that is falling off her shoulders. This is like a shawl.


Now you will finish off your dark fairy by drawing the wings in a real creepy form. They should be almost bony covered with skin. Erase your mistakes and guides because you are done.


This is the final image when you are done. Now you can color in your dark fairy.

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June 17, 2014

Description: How long has it been since I made a tutorial on a fairy? I'm pretty sure it's been a long while. Anyways, up next I will do a version of a fairy in bit of a dark form. Here is "how to draw a dark fairy", step by step. I combined a few characteristics of popular creepy scary movie figiures like the girl from The Grudge and The Ring. The long hair, low laying head and blackness is some of the characteristics I added for my dark fairy. The wings are hardly anything to look at. She is darkness to the core with no light in her bones at all. Even though she flies she more or less floats or lingers in certain areas of her domain. I think she came out pretty cool, I don't think I could have thought of anything more awesome this this concept of a dark fairy. Enjoy recreating your own fairy with this lesson on drawing a dark fairy.

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