How to Draw a Tribal Zombie, Tribal Zombie Tattoo

Artist: blackbutterfly / February 17, 2013

Step 1.

This is gonna be the base we are using for this tutorial. If you want to know how to get to this point, go to Dawn's tutorial here:,-walking-dead-zombie.htm It's enough if you follow it up t   

Step 2.

We start off know with the collar and the shirt. Usually I stick pretty close to the base, just make the lines a bit more spikey and disconnect the lines from time to time to create such "single units". When you have large free spaces you can fill th   

Step 3.

Going on with his chaw. Again you follow the base, make them look like spikes and maybe let some of them "stick out" into rather empty gaps to fill them up a bit. You can also go with a curly style and make the lines "swing" around other shapes. (I h   

Step 4.

Now we go on to the mouth. There isn't actually too much to do. What I like to do is make things like teeth or claws look sharper, as I've done here. But it's up to you if you make them look sharp or rather round. Again, disconnect the lines so that    

Step 5.

Continuing with the eyes. And I have to say: I personnally think that it is easier to make something look like tribal when you have more lineart. So in this place we have pretty clear outlines without much space between them. You just need to disconn   

Step 6.

Almost done! Now it comes to "filling" the space on his forhead. Since these are the parts that need your creativity, you can make your own design here to fill it up. But too much free space in a tribal design just does not look good, in my opinion.

Step 7.

Aaaand it's done! This is how it should (or could) look like, depending on how close you stick to this tutorial. As I said, it is not necessary to draw it in the exact same way, play with your crativity! Well, this was my first tut, I hope you like   

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Artist: blackbutterfly
Date Added: February 17, 2013
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Description: Hey guys! I'm blackbutterfly, or rather blackbutterfly006 from deviantART! :D This is my first tutorial here, so please don't be too strict^^ I'm gonna show you how to draw a tribal Zombie face, and if you wonder how I came to choose such a motive...Well, I didn't choose it but our dear member Dawn asked me to do it :) That's why I'm using her tutorial about a walker Zombie as a base, and don't worry, I have the permission to use it^^ I hope you like it and that it helps you! So let's start! :D