How to Draw Parrots for Kids


Start by making two circle for the heads of each bird. Draw in the facial guidelines.


The second thing you will do is draw out the shape of the first parrot's head like so, and then be sure to draw in those two crown feathers.


Draw the eyes and eyeballs, and then sketch in the birds beak and be sure that it is clawed shaped.


Sketch in the chest, and then the two feet which are toe toed. Also, draw the slightly arched or bent line for the wing.


Now that one bird is almost done, you can sketch out the head shape and body of the second parrot. Make the wings and then draw the feet like so.


Draw the two eyes, and then color them in. Next, draw a small but simple beak as well.


Birds love sitting on perches so that is what you will be drawing for them right now. Make the shape of the branch that they are nesting on and then move to the last drawing step.


And finally, draw in the parrots tails like so and as you can see they are long, and full of fluffy feathers. Clean up the drawing and you are ready to color in your drawing.


Look how adorable these two parrots look as they sit together on their perch. Color them in and you are all done.

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October 30, 2011

Description: Last night, I did a few for kids lessons since a lot of people here are beginning artists. In this new installment tutorial, we will be learning 'how to draw birds for kids', step by step. Here you see before you is a cockatiel bird and a small parakeet (without the intense markings). I based both breed of parrot on my previous pets I've own which are now dead. Rocky (the Cockatiel) was my favorite bird ever owned and was my second truly awesome pet I wish to have again. For some reason, I connect with birds and how they are intelligent as well as loyal, loving creatures. They are of course, (the parrot breed), one of the most smartest animals which realize human emotion and can depict your mood swings. I know, pretty cool, I've learned that while reading countless bird books when I was a kid. Drawing these two birds should be easy since there's only a few circles to draw and mostly round features. I had so much fun with this lesson, especially the background creation. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial and I hope your Halloween was 'fantastical'! Peace out and keep drawing, folks!

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