How to Draw a Tribal Bear, Tribal Bear

Artist: Dawn / December 7, 2011

Step 1.

This is probably going to be the easiest step. Make a simple circle for the head guide and sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the shape you made in step one, begin sketching out the actual diamond shape of the head structure and then draw the spade shaped ears. Draw in some tribal markings inside of the ear along the bottom corners like so, and then make markings alon   

Step 3.

Make some tribal marks on the face and if you follow the pattern in the step, you will eventually form the eyes, cheeks, and muzzle.

Step 4.

We are continuing with drawing out the tribal marks on the face beginning with the forehead, and then add the tribal marks on the snout, and then draw the nose tip. Continue along and tackle the task of drawing out the lower jaw and or chin. Once tha   

Step 5.

The face is finally done which means you can get started with drawing out the body that is going to be visible. Make the wide shaped M in the center of the back, and then continue with the lining until you form the shoulders and upper arms. Draw the    

Step 6.

Here you will now draw out the lining for that will form the front legs and or arms. The tribal markings on the inside form a nice pattern that is relaxing to the eye.

Step 7.

This is actually the last drawing step. All you have to do is draw out the claws on each foot in a tribal manner, and then add more markings on the inside of the left leg.

Step 8.

After everything is cleaned up, your tribal animal should come out looking amazing just like the one you see here. You can now choose to color in the bear, or leave it as a black and white drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 7, 2011
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Description: How about more tribal art? Like with so many of the tribal animals I have drawn in the past, I have developed a new way that is easier for me to make patterns for tribal art and tribal tattoos. With this lesson I will be filling a request for me to do a tutorial on "how to draw a tribal bear", step by step. Some animals of our world have special meaning to Native Americans of American history. A few well known species that where often talked about was eagles, wolves, horses, buffalo, and of course bears. Other animal species are also known with the native people, but the ones I listed have always been the most prominent of their history, and even with the times of today. I had a lot of fun making this bear because it was a challenge for me to conjure up the idea. I always look for inspiration in other places when I need to create something totally new. I think you will enjoy drawing a tribal bear because it is an odd animal to transform into tribal art. Thanks guys and peace out.